Greetings from Ska Shores | FLAG | 3'x5' (PREORDER - SHIPPING IN JUNE)

$29.50 USD

only 100 of these are being made

art by Scott Zendeno
3 feet wide, 5 feet tall with grommets in the corners to hang the flag.
light enough to hang on the wall with thumbtacks, sturdy enough for the flagpole.
washable, durable.
ships worldwide!

this is a pre-sale item!

we are opening up pre-orders on this flag and a couple other items from the Animal Crossing merch drop through the end of May, and will be shipping them out to you in JUNE. Most of the time, if you order a pre-sale item with other stuff, the whole order will get shipped together when the pre-sale items are available. So please make separate orders if you want the regular stock items to ship sooner.